Our Mission-

PDXWildlife’s mission is to conserve species and habitats by producing innovative, high-quality research and educating communities about their natural resources.

How do we achieve this mission?

  • SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH We develop and conduct innovative in situ and ex situ wildlife research to identify critical conservation issues and provide creative solutions to managers and fellow scientists.
  • INTERNSHIPS We train promising young scientists through our intensive internship programs and educate local communities on actions they can take to conserve and benefit from their natural resources.
  • APPLIED BIOLOGY We focus our research to answer specific pressing questions imperiled species are encountering and incorporate the newest innovations and cutting edge research into our conservation projects.
  • INTEGRATION We integrate the above techniques to implement focused conservation initiatives at the LOCAL level that promote and support wildlife, habitat, and biodiversity conservation at the GLOBAL level.

Our Vision-

PDXWildlife’s vision is to protect and restore species and habitat diversity for future generations through our local and global wildlife conservation initiatives. Now is the time to make conservation a global priority.