Our Research

Our projects focus on specific research questions to inform wildlife management problems

Giant Pandas

Increase the number of giant pandas in captive breeding and reintroduction programs through researching factors that affect reproductive success.

Mercury & Methylmercury

Research how anthropogenic sources of mercury work their way from bamboo to panda bears

Lead and Wildlife

Inform the public about the adverse affects of lead ammunition and fishing sinkers as a leading cause of mortality in waterfowl, upland game, scavengers, and other wildlife.


How do we accomplish our mission at PDXWildlife? Here's our answer . . .
Conserving Species and Habitats Through Research

In a world that is changing rapidly, not all species and habitats can adapt quickly enough to survive. Dwindling suitable habitat, a rapidly changing climate, and an unprecedented number of anthropogenic threats to the natural world make it more imperative than ever to develop sustainable, innovative ways to protect our natural resources.

Our vision is to protect and restore species and habitat diversity for future generations through our local and global wildlife conservation initiatives. PDXWildlife focuses on using scientific research and community outreach to promote the conservation of imperiled species and habitats. We accomplish this through creative, innovative approaches to field-based and captive wildlife research, habitat assessment, and community education.

Now is the time to make conservation a global priority through such initiatives. Together with the help of our sponsors, donors, collaborators and individuals around the globe, we are able to pursue these objectives through a dedicated team of scientists located in Portland, Oregon who conduct and implement research on 3 different continents.

  • Scientific Research

    We develop and conduct innovative in situ and ex situ wildlife research to identify critical conservation issues and provide creative solutions to managers and fellow scientists.

  • Applied Biology

    We focus our research to answer specific pressing questions imperiled species are encountering and incorporate the newest innovations and cutting edge research into our conservation projects.

  • Education

    We train promising young scientist through our intensive internship programs and educate local communities on actions they can take to conserve and benefit from their natural resources.

  • Integration

    We integrate the above techniques to implement focused conservation initiatives at the LOCAL level that promote and support wildlife, habitat, and biodiversity conservation at the GLOBAL level.

Who We Are

We are a dedicated, highly qualified team of scientists located in Portland, Oregon
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Meghan Martin-Wintle

Conservation Biologist
Meghan holds a PhD in Biology and currently works as a Postdoctoral Associate for the giant panda group at the San Diego Zoo.
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Nathan J.P. Wintle

Nate holds a M.S. in Biology and is a full time employee of PDXWildlife.
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Sharon Glaeser

Sharon holds a M.S. in Biology and is currently pursuing her PhD at Portland State University with the Oregon Zoo.
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Olivia Kulander

Olivia is a candidate for her MS at Portland State University
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Hannah Prather

Hannah is a PhD candidate at Portland State University.
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Diana Dishman

Conservation Biologist
Diana holds an M. S. in Biology and is currently working with population modeling as a data analyst.
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Casey Harper

Art Director
Casey has a BFA in Graphic Design and currently freelances in the Portland area.



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